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Why Does It Feel Humid In My Home?

April 25, 2022 | Blog

When the muggy summer weather strikes, the indoors should offer a cool, dry safe haven. However, a malfunctioning HVAC system could turn your home into a stuffy prison.

Perpetual indoor humidity often indicates you’re due for an AC replacement. Contact Ball Heating and Air Conditioning today for professional help identifying and resolving any related system issues.

Dealing with extra indoor humidity? Continue reading for more details about moisture-inducing HVAC troubles and other potential culprits.

Why Is Humidity Harmful?

Aside from the obvious discomfort, too much humidity can produce a host of other problems around your home. For example, moist environments are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, leading to unpleasant smells and serious health risks. Excessive moisture negatively impacts indoor air quality, meaning it may feel more difficult to breathe, leading to fatigue or lung problems.

If this damage to your body isn’t enough, humidity can also slowly destroy your house. Condensation can deteriorate your walls and floors, while the previously mentioned mildew may rot out your ceilings and furniture.

These frightening consequences make addressing humidity (and preventing it with proper AC maintenance when possible) all the more important.

Common Causes of Excess Humidity

Neglecting AC Repairs

Many homeowners forget the “conditioning” element in air conditioning’s name. Your HVAC system should regulate the temperature, moisture levels and overall indoor air quality within your home.

When you experience too much humidity, your cooling system is probably malfunctioning in one of the following ways:

Evaporator Coil Issues: Your system’s evaporator coils are primarily responsible for managing air moisture. Therefore, excessive humidity may indicate your coils are frozen or otherwise compromised.

Dirty Filters and Vents: Too much debris in your vents or filters may prevent proper airflow, meaning your AC has to work twice as hard to maintain ideal air quality. Any dust blockages must be removed for your system to achieve proper interior moisture levels.

Whether these issues are the culprit or something else entirely, you should call a professional to determine whether air conditioning replacement or repairs are necessary.

Improper Ventilation

Both cooking and bathing can result in extreme humidity, particularly if there aren’t any means for warm, wet air to escape. If you are making a dish, especially one that produces lots of steam, you should leave a window open. You should also try cracking open a window or utilizing an exhaust fan when you take a relaxing hot bath.

Humid Weather

Unfortunately, southern weather will always involve some extra humidity. When exterior air enters your home, indoor moisture levels may rise, leading to that gross, sticky feeling.

Though you can’t control the outdoor weather, you can control how your HVAC system responds to these conditions. If your home feels hot or damp every time it’s muggy outside, you may need to schedule AC repairs or upgrade to a more effective cooling model.

Extra Guests

Even a flawless AC system can’t tackle sudden, extreme changes in humidity. More often than not, these sudden changes only occur when your home is overcrowded. If you have lots of guests over, the added heat and moisture from their bodies can impact your air.

Ideally, you should only accommodate as many guests as your home can reasonably handle. If you intend to have lots of people over regardless, at least keep your windows open a crack.

Finding AC Maintenance and Repair Services

Luckily, Ball Heating and Air Conditioning can help you narrow down the exact cause of intense humidity. From there, our team will conduct whatever services are necessary, whether that be a simple tune-up or full air conditioning replacement.

Request a service appointment today to keep your home perfectly cool, comfortable and dry!

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