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Why Is My AC Unit Leaking?

June 21, 2022 | Blog

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Common Causes Of AC Leak

Frozen Evaporator Coils Happen In Any Weather

When you are experiencing warm temperatures, it might be odd to see this cause. However, your evaporator coil may freeze regardless of the weather you are experiencing! Once that ice begins to melt, it can cause the leak which you are facing.

Your first action should be to locate your breaker box and turn the system off immediately. This will allow your evaporator coil to defrost and potentially solve the issue.

However, if you are still having trouble despite this trick, give us a call!

Dirty Coils Need To Be Routinely Cleaned

You would not go years on end without bathing, would you? So why would you put your air conditioning coils through that experience? Does not sound fair, does it? You can imagine that over time the buildup of dirt and debris within the coils can become a major issue. The dirt built up within the coils can block moisture within the AC and cause leakage.

Make sure your coils are properly cleansed and maintained! You can do so by beginning to schedule annual air conditioner maintenance with us!

A Dirty Air Filter Needs To Be Replaced

Your air filter is tasked with ensuring that only the highest quality of air is allowed to circulate through the home. It achieves this by collecting dirt and various debris from polluting the air. Yet, as this debris is continuously collected it causes buildup that can lead to freezing within the unit. This of course is caused by dirty air filters!

The essential method of preventing this problem is by changing out your air filters monthly. So, make this part of your routine and set reminders!

A Clogged Drain Is A Typical Problem

In most cases, air conditioner leaks are caused by clogged drain lines. Dirt, dust and mold can accumulate within a drain which will lead to clogs. If the drain has not been cleaned for elongated stretches of time, then it may overflow.

Although you should invest in procedural air conditioner maintenance, pouring bleach down the drain every 6 months could help clear the drain. Some may find temporary solutions by utilizing a wet/dry vacuum to remove debris from the drain.

But, it is best to contact our professionals for air conditioning repair!

Broken Condensate Pumps Will Lead To Leakage

Your condensate pump is supposed to manage the drainage within your system. So, you can see why a broken condensate pump could be an issue!

When drainage is not properly taken care of it can cause the drainage pan to overflow and you will experience a leak. You will have to get in touch with our experts about this issue, however, since it is best for a specialist to handle this issue.

An Incorrect AC Installation

You may be very confused and frustrated if you have just purchased a brand-new AC and you are experiencing leaks already. However, the issue may in fact not be your unit at all! Improper installation can be the culprit of the turbulence you are experiencing. If the units or drain pipes are disproportionate or the unit is unleveled, this can cause leakage inside your home.

However, issues like this will not be a problem with our trained experts. You are in the right hands with us, and we will ensure proper AC installation!

Contact Ball Heating And Air Conditioning For Biloxi AC Repair!

Ultimately, your best course of action is to get professional help with your air conditioning needs. Therefore, give us at Ball Heating and Air Conditioning a call for the best AC repair! You can tell us your specific needs and we’ll give you customized assistance that best suits you!

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