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Why Does My AC Smell Bad?

When you get home from a hot, humid day out in Biloxi, the only thing you want is to feel that crisp, cool wave of air from your air conditioner. But AC odor can crush all of those dreams and leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own home. If you smell some mysterious smells coming from your air vents, you may need AC repairs or cleaning to help return your system to normal.

Ball Heating & Air Conditioning is your local AC service provider, and we strive to serve our community the best experience possible. That includes revealing the secrets behind those strange AC smells and suggesting the solutions you need to start breathing fresh, clean air.

What To Do When Your AC Smells

Chemical Smell

Some homeowners report smelling car exhaust or chemical smells in their home. Your AC system does not run on a combustion engine, so there is no reason you should smell car exhaust in your space. It is likely the smell of liquid chemicals that are used in the unit to cool your air.

If you can smell chemical-like odors from your vents, you may have a refrigerant leak in the unit. Long exposure to refrigerant fumes could start to cause symptoms like dizziness, so make sure your home is well ventilated until a licensed professional can repair your refrigerant leak.

Fire or Burning Smell

There are a number of electrical components inside your AC unit – including motors, fans and wires – that can short out. If your unit is running and you smell plastic or fire smells, it’s best to power down your system. A professional will be able to safely assess the source of the odor and make sure that your system is ready to run again without causing problems.

Rotten or Foul Smell

Unfortunately, it is rather common for little critters and pests to find their way into your air ducts or AC unit. Lizards, mice, insects and even birds have been known to get trapped in the unit or ducts and die. As time passes, you may start to smell the dead animal in the air. If you can locate the source of the smell, you can usually remove the carcass, but if you can’t find the body you may need help. Once the body is removed and the area is cleaned, your air should start smelling better.

Skunk or Gas Smell

If you smell a skunky smell directly from your vents, it could be gas leaking into your AC system. Err on the side of caution and immediately turn off your gas supply. Leave the area as soon as you can, and call a gas company to make sure you find and repair the gas leak.

Moldy or Musty Smell

When your air conditioner smells musty it is usually due to the accumulation of water causing mold growth. You can check your drip pans and drain lines for mildew, but you’ll most likely need a professional air duct cleaning to rid your system of the harmful spores. Mold can even grow in air filters that have retained moisture over time. This is common in humid areas where the AC has not been used for a while.

Efficient Biloxi Air Conditioner Repair

Your AC system should always deliver clean air to your home. If you notice unusual odors coming from your air vents, let our team at Ball Heating & Air Conditioning know. We will make sure your air is fresh and clean with our quick AC repair services. Give us a call!


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Zack came out today for our 6 month cleaning/inspection and was very nice and helpful. He gave a detailed explanation of everything he found and things we can upgrade for better service. We will be continuing to use Ball Heating & Air in the future!

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Zack was incredibly knowledgeable and gave me information that explained a lot of what I was seeing occur in my house. Highly recommend, as the visit was informative and productive.

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