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Can Rain Damage Your Outdoor AC Unit?

May 18, 2022 | Blog

Do you find yourself worrying about rain damage to your outdoor unit when harsh storms come your way? You and your family can stay protected inside when bad weather strikes, but your HVAC system cannot.

Checking on your AC unit after a downpour is smart, but did you know that the rain will never be the biggest threat to your unit? Here at Ball Heating and Air Conditioning, we seek to educate our clients on real hazards for their AC systems – as well as how we can service your unit and keep it in tip-top condition.

Rain vs.Your HVAC System

Frequent, heavy rains are inescapable during certain times of the year – but don’t worry! Your unit is actually made to withstand pretty severe precipitation. Most AC systems are made up of two parts, an indoor and outdoor component. The indoor component protects the blower and evaporator coil from water, while the outdoor component safeguards the condenser and compressor.

The materials preserving all the different parts of an AC unit are designed for the elements, rain or shine. Important electrical wiring is often encased in corrosion-proof substances, such as plastics, alloys, or metals.

Your HVAC is durable and reliable, completely capable of resisting seasonal bouts of bad weather. Rain can actually be useful in washing away any debris that is wedged in your unit and out of reach! However, the risks that come with flooding, windblown debris, hail or deterioration are much more serious for your unit.

4 Ways Your Outdoor Unit Can Be Damaged

Running your AC during a torrential downpour is safe and won’t affect the unit unless condensation becomes trapped inside. Shielding your HVAC unit from the storm is actually discouraged because the condenser needs air circulation to allow moisture to evaporate. Below are four different ways that your outdoor AC unit can be damaged by a severe storm.


Damage to your outdoor unit is much more frequent when flooding occurs. If your AC is submerged, its wiring, electronics, and motor are at risk. Short-circuiting or more lasting damage are common results. If water is left in your AC system, it can cause severe corrosion that spreads to other parts of the unit.

Windblown Debris

Twigs, leaves, dirt, dust, tree limbs, or even lawn furniture are threats to your AC’s safety when rough winds are present. The condenser fan can become clogged and keep the unit from working properly.


Severe hail storms are a threat to many parts of your home, including your roof, windows and HVAC. Hail can dent the outside of your unit, as well get caught inside and cause your AC to malfunction.


When water is trapped in your outdoor unit, different parts can begin to rust and erode away. Corrosion impairs efficiency and can cause your equipment to need replacing often.

How We Can Help Protect Your HVAC Unit

If you are facing severe weather and feel uncertain about the safety of your outdoor unit, we can help! Our technicians know what precautions to take so that we can ensure your AC system will last for a long time.

Inspect Your System Placement

Our certified team is ready and willing to check the placement of your outdoor unit and make sure it is up to par. Healthy airflow for your AC requires about two feet of space separating your unit from anything nearby. Our technicians will let you know if it would be smart to move your AC system to a more elevated area due to flooding risks.

Repair or Replace Necessary Parts

Our trusted staff members are always ready to make repairs to your HVAC unit. We are transparent with our evaluations of AC systems and prioritize speedy fixes or installations for all of our customers.

Get Regular AC Maintenance

We can also perform thorough maintenance checks on your AC if it is not running properly. Having a technician inspect your system after a storm is the best way to find out if your unit is damaged and address any issues quickly.

Call Now For Quality HVAC Service

Don’t waste time worrying about your AC unit. Ball Heating and Air Conditioning in Biloxi, MS is the dependable company for you and all your HVAC needs! Consult with one of our professional technicians today if you have questions about AC repairs, maintenance, and more.

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