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Keeping Your AC Efficient: Best Tips To Keep Your Home Cool

So, you’ve scheduled your Biloxi air conditioner tune-up and are ready to face the summer, right? Contrary to popular belief, your AC is not the only thing in control of the temperature of your home. There are many factors that determine how heat enters and remains in your home, but don’t worry!

Ball Heating & Air Conditioning has some clever tricks to reduce heat in your home and relieve some stress from your AC unit. Make sure that your AC maintenance stays effective by implementing some of these alternative home cooling practices in your home.

Limit Solar Heat

One of the biggest sources of heat in your home is the sun through your windows. While that bright sunny day outside may look beautiful, your windows let in – and can even magnify – the sun’s rays. All of that light enters your living spaces and starts to heat the cooled air your AC worked so hard to chill.

If you have large windows, or a large number of windows, you can especially benefit from some kind of window treatment. There are many options when it comes to window treatments, any of which is better than nothing at all!

  • Blinds
  • Curtain
  • Window Tint
  • Window Screens
  • Solar Screens

Limit Appliance Heat

Every appliance in your home, from the oven to your TV, uses energy to run. This means that the by-product of these appliances being on is heat production. Think about the times when you use appliances and change some of your habits. If you can grill outside more than you use your oven, your home will stay cooler. If you can wait until the evening to run the washer and dryer, your heat production won’t be as impactful.

Use Fans

The great thing about ceiling fans is that they use very little energy to achieve their desired outcome. The movement of air across your skin cools and evaporates the tiny beads of perspiration, causing you to feel cooler than the air actually is. Both ceiling and portable fans around your home can help the air move around and create the sensation of a cooler home.

Keep Interior Doors Open

When you shut the doors between rooms in your home, you limit the airflow around your home. This means that the air the AC pumps into your home is isolated and can start to heat up faster according to the lights or body heat in the room. Leave the doors open to encourage cool air to circulate throughout all the living spaces.

Radiant Barriers

When the sun’s rays hit your roof, a large amount of heat is absorbed into the attic. Even the best attic insulation will have trouble keeping the heat contained and not allowing it to seep through the ceiling of your home to the living areas. That’s where a radiant barrier can help. This flat aluminum material is laid out under your roof in the attic. Its reflective properties direct the heat that enters through your roof back outside before reaching the rest of your home.

Attic Ventilation

Another great way to deal with the heat in your attic is to install attic ventilation measures. Whether this is a set of fans in the attic to blow the hot air outside or a series of installed attic vents, any attic ventilation is sure to keep more of that hot air away from your home.

Need More Home Efficiency Tips?

Besides our stellar AC tune-up services, Ball Heating & Cooling offers a comprehensive understanding of your home’s cooling. If you need more efficient cooling tips or want to schedule an appointment for one of our specialists to evaluate your home’s efficiency, just give us a call!

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