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3 Tips To Save Energy This Winter

December 14, 2022 | Blog

Are you worried about sky-high bills during those winter months? Nothing is worse than getting a higher energy bill than you expected, and it can be devastating to have to put more money toward HVAC services than necessary. Luckily, Ball Heating and Air Conditioning in Biloxi, Louisiana has many options to help you save energy and stress less!

The key to saving energy while trying to keep your house regulated is to invest in technology that does it for you. While it may be tempting just to cover up the vents and call it a day, furnaces are the main cause of a high energy price during the winter. Making sure to take care of your furnace, researching seasonal energy efficiency, and looking into new systems can make your house much warmer for cheaper!

Look Into A Furnace Tune-Up

Ensuring your furnace is in tip-top shape is a great way to save money in the winter. Most furnaces work automatically, which will heat the house until it reaches an optimal temperature. After that temperature is reached, the furnace stops so the house will cool down. This regulates the house’s temperature and usually saves money by turning off the furnace when it isn’t needed.

However, there are a variety of different circumstances that can make it hard for your furnace to regulate the temperature of your house. Blocked vents, dirty air filters, and older systems must do more work to put the same heat into your house. This is what is causing your energy prices to skyrocket: the vast amount of energy used for the same amount of heat.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings

The SEER method of furnace classification is a great way to tell how much energy is being used. The US Department of Energy recently recommended that HVAC systems should be operating at a SEER rate of 14 or above. If your furnace operates under these levels, you could lose a lot of money on your heating costs!

SEER ratings can be found under the energy guide label found on your system. This rating is calculated by the amount of heat your air puts out per the energy it uses. Older HVAC systems can have ratings as low as 10. This means you’re getting much less heating for more energy usage. Looking into newer furnaces that follow the specifications laid out by the US Department of Energy can significantly change your energy usage.

Save Energy With Automatic Systems

Looking into furnaces with more automatic features can also be great for your energy bill. When running your heater for longer, strain can wear down the furnace. To make matters worse, most of this strain can be caused when you’re not even there!

Automatic heating systems have evolved to a new point with modern technology. There is now new technology that can be set to be inactive whenever you aren’t home and to begin heating again when you are. This way, energy isn’t being used when you’re at work. There are also other automatic energy-saving functions such as automatic stop if in need of repair, and even restrictions on how high or low your temperature can go.

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Bracing for the Louisiana winter can be brutal! Luckily, heater maintenance in Biloxi is easier to find than ever. When you’re looking to upgrade your systems so your wallet doesn’t take a hit, make sure to call us for furnace repair, installation and evaluation! Heating your house shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With 25 years of customer service, you’re guaranteed to leave happier with your HVAC systems than ever! Call today to schedule your first consultation.

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