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Why Should I Get My Air Conditioner Maintenanced?

April 10, 2021 | Blog

For any homeowner, you know that your air conditioning system is an important part of making your home comfortable. Just like an important item in your day-to-day life, you make want it to operate to the best of its abilities. This mindset should also go for your air conditioner. However, there are more benefits to why you should regularly schedule air conditioner maintenance. 

Advantages To AC Tune-Ups

Ball Heating & Air Conditioning is here to tell you the truth about maintaining your HVAC system. It is extremely important to the health and performance of your system to receive regular check ups from air specialists.

Mechanical Benefits 

There are multiple elements of your system that should be checked regularly to ensure proper functioning and avoid necessary repairs later. Your thermostat, system control and electrical connections will be checked, along with lubricating any moving parts to prevent unnecessary friction.  

During the appointment, the technician should also check the refrigerant levels, which is what cools the incoming air. The coil integrity will be checked along with possible duct leakages. After this all checks out, your system should be ready for any weather.  

Home Benefits 

Most importantly, an HVAC tune-up appointment will give you peace of mind that your system is functioning properly. No one wants to deal with sudden damages so your technician will ensure all elements are working right and spot anything that needs repairs.  

Overall, professional maintenance will extend the life of your system. It will be more reliable over the years and be ready to face the weather. You wouldn’t drive your car without regular oil changes – and your AC system is no different. Regular maintenance keeps it running efficiently. 

Schedule Your AC Tune-Up Today!

It is recommended that you have a tune-up twice a year – once before summer hits and another before the cold weather arrives in winter. If you’re not already on a schedule, it would be beneficial to get a check-up before summer heats up. For Biloxi AC maintenance you can trustcontact Ball Heating and Air Conditioning for high-quality workmanship and customer service.  

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What Our Customers Say

Professional and Courteous

Zach was very professional and Courteous. He fully explained all the checks he would be preforming before he started. He also advised me of any potential problems with my system and offered options for their resolution. He reviewed the invoice thoroughly with me when he was finished

Sam O.

Very Nice and Helpful

Zack came out today for our 6 month cleaning/inspection and was very nice and helpful. He gave a detailed explanation of everything he found and things we can upgrade for better service. We will be continuing to use Ball Heating & Air in the future!

Kaleigh E.

Incredibly Knowledgeable

Zack was incredibly knowledgeable and gave me information that explained a lot of what I was seeing occur in my house. Highly recommend, as the visit was informative and productive.

Shana B.