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Is It Normal for My AC to Run Constantly?

June 8, 2021 | Blog

As summer is fast approaching, your AC unit is preparing to work overtime for the next few months. But is your unit running for too long? The summer season implies that your AC unit will be running longer to achieve the thermostat temperature of “normal” that you set in your home – but there is a fine line where it can become a problem if your AC is running all the time. At Ball Heating and Air Conditioning, we want you to know when your AC is working properly, and when it is time to call a professional.

Normal Indicators 

Longer Cycles

A cycle for your AC unit is the period of time between the unit turning on and off. The cycles become longer as it gets hotter outside, so having the unit run for a longer period of time than during the seasons of spring and fall is perfectly normal.

Having the cycles run for a little longer can help dehumidify a home, which is especially important in humid, southern states. Additionally, it can help lower the wear and tear on your unit because it is not constantly starting up and turning back off.

Thermostat Temperature is Being Reached

The reason your AC unit cycles between on and off is because the temperature that is set in the thermostat has been reached or the unit is trying to reach that temperature. This set temperature is what your unit deems “normal” and the baseline for each cycle. If this temperature is being reached and your home is at a comfortable temperature, there is no issue having your AC unit run for longer periods of time.

Consistent Energy Bill Cost

The largest indicator of your AC unit running for too long is if your monthly energy bill increases in price. If the bill has maintained the same cost as the previous year, there is no issue to the length of time for each cycle.

Abnormal Indicators

AC Never Completes a Cycle

When your AC unit never stops a cycle, meaning that the unit never shuts off, there is an underlying problem. The likely culprit is your unit is not properly sized to your home or the room it resides in. This can lead to the evaporator coil freezing because the unit is unable to cool the room properly. A frozen coil can damage the compressor and lead to even more issues within the unit.

Temperature is Never Comfortable

If the temperature is never comfortable in your home, your AC unit is running overtime and something isn’t working properly internally, causing it to never stop its cycles. Likely this is due to a blocked vent, leading to poor circulation and reduced airflow within your unit and home.

If your home’s “normal” baseline temperature on the thermostat is never being reached, there could be other internal problems occurring. Commonly the refrigerant is low, decreasing the unit’s capacity to cool the air that is being filtered through it. Having a dirty or frozen condenser coil can also cause the unit to not properly cool the air flowing through, leading to the refrigerant not being able to work effectively.


Contact a Professional

If there are any concerns on if your AC unit is running for too long or too short, a professional can determine if there is something wrong within your unit. Having regular maintenance on your unit can ensure that every part of your system is working properly and is in perfect order.

The best method to solve any potential problems for your AC unit cycle is to have an AC tune-up to ensure that everything is functioning properly in preparation for the summer and changing weather. At Ball Heating and AC, we offer seasonal tune-ups in the spring and throughout the year to check that your unit is up to date and prepared for whatever the new season has to offer.


For more information on your AC unit’s functionality for the summer, contact Ball Heating and AC for all your cold air needs.



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