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HVAC Tips for Homes with Pets

March 9, 2021 | Blog

Pets are part of the family, but they add an extra step to keeping your HVAC system running properly. This results in more regular maintenance to keep the air inside your home healthy.

Brush and Clean Your Pets Regularly

By cleaning and brushing any dandruff or dirt off your pet’s coat regularly, it cuts down on the amount of dirt and particles that can enter your home’s HVAC system. If you have a cat, there is no need to bathe them – brushing will suffice as they have their own system of bathing and grooming.

Clean Your Ducts

Pet hair can collect deep within your duct system, so getting them cleaned regularly by a professional is a must. Additionally, pet hair can cause the seams within your duct to slowly come undone, leading to reduced efficiency in your system as well as allowing more pet hair to clog up your ducts.

Look into replacing the ducts in your system with a ductless HVAC system to remove any worries of getting them deep cleaned regularly or sealing them to maintain efficiency.

Change Your Filters Regularly

The air in your home passes through a filter within your HVAC system. This filter collects all the undesirable particulate in your air, so it can become dirty and less effective the longer it stays within your system. Typically, you should change your filter every 2-3 months to keep your HVAC system running in top shape.

Check your manufacturer’s recommendation on how frequently you need to change the filters in your system. With the addition of pets in your home, you likely will need to change the filters more often with the presence of more dirt and dust to be collected within your air.

Air Purification Systems 

Purifiers are great for those who are sensitive to allergens or are immuno-compromised, as they target dirt, particles and other common allergens in your home. Investing in a purifier can help to clear out any particles that might have slipped through the filters in your system.

Purifiers give your home the extra step of purification that your HVAC system cannot give. There are a variety to choose from, allowing you the flexibility to install one directly into your HVAC system or have a free-standing one in specific rooms in your home.

IAQ Testing

At Ball Heating and Air Conditioning, our service technicians follow a three-step IAQ, or Indoor Air Quality, Testing protocol to ensure your home has the highest air quality as possible with the means to maintain it.

Step 1: Testing

A technician meets with your family to understand your needs when it comes to air quality and filtration. We test the air quality within your home to determine the kinds and concentrations of particles within your home.

Step 2: Results

With the test results from your home’s air, a technician will meet with you to explain what the results mean and how to move forward to improve your home’s quality of air.

Step 3: Solutions

Our team will then help implement any added measure to improve your home’s air quality based on your IAQ test to ensure your family is breathing better in no time.

Choose AC Temperatures Beneficial to Your Pet

Keeping your pet comfortable is just as important as keeping you or your HVAC system healthy and comfortable. If it is too cold for you, it is too cold for your pet. Try to keep the temperature consistent, as this won’t upset your pet or your bill at the end of the month.

If you leave the house and want to lower the temperature so your system doesn’t run unnecessarily, keep the temperature around 78 degrees to ensure your pet doesn’t get overheated while you’re gone.

Add Extra Filtration to Your HVAC System

If you have a lower-quality air filter in your home, like a fiberglass filter, consider investing in a HEPA filter or a filter of higher quality than the one you already have. This will give your HVAC system a boost to keep extra particles out of your home’s air and keep you breathing cleaner air.

FAQ About Pets and AC Units:

Are Air Conditioners Dangerous for Pets?

Not at all! They provide the same quality of air and coolness that they provide any person living within your home. The only danger they can provide is if the AC unit is broken during a hot month, due to there not being a cool airflow.

Should I Leave the AC Running for My Pets?

Yes! Although they don’t need it as cold as human beings do, they still need to stay cool because they have a coat of fur on at all times. Just simply raise the temperature by a few degrees and your pet is good to go!

For more information on keeping your home’s air in great shape for you and your furry friend, contact Ball Heating and Air Conditioning to maintain easy breathing year-round.

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