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Are AC Filters Really That Important?

June 15, 2021 | Blog

Your AC unit’s filters might seem unimportant – they’re just little boxes with pleats, how much are they really doing? Your AC filters are the main reason your seasonal allergies are less severe and why the air you breathe inside your home is pristine and clean, so they’re pretty important to your overall lung health! At Ball Heating and Air Conditioning, we want to help you breathe the cleanest air possible. Read on to learn more about the importance of clean, fresh AC filters in your home.

Why are AC Filters Important?

AC filters are your home’s first line of defense against any particle, debris or pollutant that has entered your home. By catching all the bad things in your air, your home is able to maintain a high level of air quality.

Your filters are your system’s underdog, but they do need to be changed every three months to ensure a high level of filtration occurs. If they are not cleaned or replaced regularly, the filters will no longer be able to purify your air. Additionally, dirty filters can start to cause more damage to your home’s air by allowing dirt into different parts of your AC system, and over time can slow down its efficiency.

How Do They Protect People?

By filtering out the bad things in your system, your family is able to breathe in air that is cleaner and contains fewer pollutants. The best way to determine if your air filters are doing their job is to call for an IAQ, or Indoor Air Quality, test. These tests are done to determine how well your filters are blocking out the pollutants in your home and how to achieve better air quality in the future.

At Ball Heating and Air, our team of professionals can put you and your family back on the path to better breathing by conducting a thorough test of your system. Once this test has been conducted, we will implement every measure, as needed, to improve the quality of filtration.

What Kind of Filter To Get? 

The kinds of filters to get for your home is based on what kind of AC unit your home uses. Each system has a different requirement for filters. This will indicate if you can get washable filters or if you can only have up to a certain MERV-rated filter. Check your AC unit’s manufacturer for more details on what MERV rating your system can handle to get more details.

MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values, ratings are used to determine a filter’s capacity to capture particles between 0.3 and 10 microns. The rating scale goes from 1, which is the lowest, to 16, which is the highest. The higher the rating, the more efficient the filter is. Homeowners want to strive to get a filter with a minimum MERV-rating of 10 to ensure that more than 65% of particles are being filtered out.

The caveat to the MERV-rating system is that the higher rating a filter has, the more expensive it will be. Talk to a professional to discuss what filter best fits your home’s HVAC system for maximum efficiency and protection for your family.


For more information about breathing the cleanest air possible in your home, and to schedule your IAQ consultation, call Ball Heating and Air Conditioning today!



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