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Why Is My AC Frozen?

It may seem like a strange concept to imagine your AC being frozen after facing hot and humid temperatures all day, but an AC freezing up is actually a common occurrence. As one of the more common AC repairs your unit may face, it’s a good idea to know the probable causes of a frozen AC and some of the simple solutions to get your unit back up and running again.

Ball Heating & Air Conditioning wants to share as much knowledge as we can with our customers about their homes. Whether you are dealing with a frozen AC currently or want to be prepared for the future, read on to learn about your frozen AC!

What Is A Frozen AC?

A frozen air conditioner does not mean that your entire cooling unit is encased in ice. However, the AC evaporator coil, which is responsible for channeling the refrigerant during the cooling process, can form frost and ice. When this happens, the entire cooling process is halted until the ice can be cleared or thawed to return to normal function.

Symptoms of Frozen Evaporator Coils

Keeping an eye out for signs of different AC repairs can help you catch and solve the problem quickly and efficiently. The following are the most common signs that your AC is struggling with frozen coils:

  • Warm air from the vents
  • No air flowing
  • Wet air filters

If you notice these signs in your home, consider calling for air conditioner repair services. Your frozen coils need to be thawed and your system should be evaluated to make sure it is ready to run.

What Causes A Frozen AC?

Dirty Air Filter

The cooling process relies on smooth airflow throughout the system, but clogged air filters can slow down or impede the movement of air. This strain can cause frost to form on the coils. Locate the air filters for your HVAC system and clean or replace them, then set a reminder for yourself to check them every few months.

Drain Line Blockage

The condensate drain tube allows moisture to be removed from the system. When a blockage from algae or mold growth in the tub prevents the moisture from exiting the system, it can collect on the coils and cause them to freeze. If you can locate the drain line, check for any visible clogs and clear them. 

Motor/Fan Malfunction

When the air in your system is not blown consistently, it can cause the temperatures in the unit to fluctuate. The coils are vulnerable to hot and cold air where they aren’t supposed to be, and they can form frost. If the fan or motor isn’t running in your unit, you can usually tell. Contact a professional to help you out with the AC repair!

Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak slowly leeches away the levels of refrigerant in the system. This throws off the cooling process because there’s not enough refrigerant for proper cooling. You’ll definitely need an HVAC specialist to help you out with this repair since refrigerant is very dangerous to handle if you aren’t licensed. 

Dirty Coils

The evaporator coils themselves can collect dust and grime over time. When moisture clings to these particles it can cause the coils to freeze over. If you are handy you can access to coils and thaw them to clean the grime off. A technician will also be happy to help with this task.

Quality Biloxi AC Repair Services

If you suspect you have a frozen AC, count on the team at Ball Heating & Air Conditioning. We get the job done right every single time, and we are dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience. Give us a call!

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