While air conditioning and HVAC systems share some similarities, they are different. Contractors are fond of using both names interchangeably, thus adding to the confusion. By understanding a few important points, however, you’ll know the differences and be able to choose the right system for your property.

What Exactly Is a HVAC System?

The acronym of HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This unit is used for heating as well as cooling the air in a building. By doing so, it provides ventilation that allows moisture to escape. The heating components of an HVAC system include the furnace, ducts, and vents for releasing moisture. Of course, there’s also an air conditioning unit, a cooling system that uses the same ducts and vents.

In general, most large buildings and homes feature a full HVAC system that handles both heating and cooling. This is more convenient since the user does not need to worry about switching systems or dealing with separate maintenance issues. Most HVAC units have a button that can switch from heating to cooling.

What Is an AC Unit?

Air conditioning, which is often abbreviated to AC, is a system that has been specifically designed to cool the air in your building. This is done mainly through a refrigerant. The unit sucks in warm air through the grille, circulates it through its chilled pipes and then blows it back out into your property. Some contractors and home builders define an AC system as a system that conditions the air, either to make it hot or cold. For most consumers, however, AC units are just for cooling the air.

When HVAC/AC Repairs Are Needed

An experienced HVAC repair company such as Ball Heating & Air Conditioning in Biloxi will be able to handle both HVAC and air conditioner problems. Since both systems involve many of the same components, a trained HVAC technician will be able to get the job done. To learn more, feel free to contact us today.



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