The deep freeze of winter is still gripping most of the country, but just around the corner spring is approaching and that means temperatures and humidity will rise.

As everyone begins their annual thaw, families will rely on their air conditioning unit for comfort and don’t want to be caught off guard by a malfunctioning unit.

“Most people don’t realize that half of their power bill in the summer is due to the cost of air conditioning their home,” said Jim Ball, the owner of Ball Heating and Air in Biloxi.

Based on the studies performed by local utilities, Ball Heating and Air has learned that ifa home averages a $200 electricity bill, out of that bill, $100 is devoted to keeping families comfortable with cool air.

According to the professionals at Ball Heating and Air, the best way to keep the costs lowas temperatures are high throughout the summer is to have their cooling system operating most efficiently.

“One of the most important things you can do to cut costs is keep your system clean and maintained,” said Ball.

Top three ways to make sure you are ready for warmer weather

  1. Clear away brush: As the fall and winter months drag on, weeds may grow around your outdoor unit. Be sure to clear these away and let the system breath.
  2. Clear dirt and grass clippings: If dirt, mud or heavy grass clippings are coated on the outside of your system, it can clog up air flow and make the system less efficient.
  3. Change filter regularly: According to the specialists at Ball Heating and Air, 80% of service issues could be avoided by changing your filter once per month.   A regularly changed air filter helps maintain a healthy system longer.

“People should change their filter once a month. This will help ensure them that they will get the maximum life from their unit,” said Ball.

To make sure that your system is in top shape, Ball has a low-cost maintenance program where a professional will come to your home and give your system a tune up and thorough cleaning.

To find more information about Ball Heating and Air’s maintenance program, call (228) 273-1511 or go to www.callballthatsall.com.



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