Does it seem that you are always cleaning or changing your home air conditioner filters?  It may not  be your imagination.  Your air conditioner filters may really be getting disgustingly dirty faster than normal.  So, what’s causing this and how can you fix it?  Let’s look at the most common reasons for dirty air conditioner filters.

Your ductwork is dirty
Ductwork is usually a round or square tube constructed from sheet metal, whose sole purpose is to transport cool air from your home’s ventilation system to separate areas in your home.  With time, it may become clogged with excessive amounts of debris, dust, or dirt.  It can even be contaminated with mildew and mold or become infested with insects or rodents.

What Should You Do?
If you determine that your ductwork contains mold, mildew, rodents, or insects, you should call a professional duct cleaning company.  Don’t try to do it yourself because it can have serious health consequences.  However, if it is simply clogged with dust and debris, you can do it yourself, if you prefer.

You recently had repairs made to the flooring, woodwork, or drywall of your home.
These types of repairs, or any that require sanding, can contribute greatly to the dust in your home.  This frequently causes your home’s return vents to become clogged as the dust gets sucked right in.

What Should You Do?
First, have the return vents cleaned out, whether you hire someone or opt to do it yourself.  Second, make an attempt to prevent this from reoccurring by keeping the area around the return vents clean.

Your fan’s thermostat is set to “on”.
If you set the thermostat to “on” instead of “auto”, it means that the fans on your system are running constantly.  This causes your filters to suck in contaminants 24/7.  As a result, they get dirty fast.

What Should You Do?
It’s simple.  Put the thermostat on the “auto” setting instead.  This way the fans are only turned on during a cooling cycle.

You have a lot of contaminants in your home.
If you have numerous pets, pet dander will quickly build up on the filters.  The more people you have in your home, the more dirt and dust will get kicked up and collected by the filters.  In addition, burning candles frequently, having a fire in the fireplace, or smoking cigars or cigarettes indoors will result in an increased number of contaminants in your home.  Again, it’s collected by the filters and can make them dirty fast.

What Should You Do?
Unless you plan to put your pets outdoors, kick a few people out, or change you habits, you may have to get used to cleaning or changing your filter more frequently.  If it becomes a significant issue, you may want to consider an air filtration system that is more advanced, such as whole house air cleaners or UV light air purifiers.

If you are tired of constantly cleaning or changing your air conditioner filters because they are so dirty, use these tips above to help eliminate the problem.



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