Access to HVAC maintenance service means many responsibilities are lifted off your shoulders. Considering service calls are best left to professionals, minimal involvement on your part is advisable. Does this mean you act passively when the technician arrives? No. There are still some duties left to you. You must plan for the HVAC service call.

1. Have All Paperwork Ready

Was there previous service performed on the HVAC system? If so, don’t go by memory as some details may be forgotten. Handing the technician a previous estimate or other related paperwork should tell the entire tale. Is there some concern about what the warranty covers? Pull out the paperwork related to the policy. Of course, it helps if you keep all documents related to the HVAC system on file and reliably organized.

2. Brush Up on Preventive Maintenance

Read up on typical preventive maintenance work for HVAC systems. This way, you can ask the service technician if any particular preventive work is worthwhile. If you call the technician for a specific repair job, he or she might not suggest any preventive maintenance work at the time. The customer, of course, has the option to ask about and request additional services. Since the technician is already at your home for a service job, why not take the opportunity to request preventive maintenance? Doing so helps prevent you from falling into the trap of neglecting to book a “nonessential” service call in the future. The pros at Ball Heating & Air Conditioning can handle all kinds of different jobs. Repairs and inspections are our specialties.

3. Tidy Up the Intended Work Area

You want the service technician to perform the job without any distractions or impediments. If the area by the HVAC system is cluttered or dirty, completing the work may become unnecessarily more laborious. Be a good host and client; take the time to straighten up the area. You’ll be doing yourself a favor here as well. When it is easier for the tech to do the work, a faster and better job may result.

Why wait any longer on setting up a service call? Contact Ball Heating & Air Conditioning to set up a visit in Biloxi today. We provide heating and cooling maintenance in addition to repairs.



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