We have all experienced rises in static electricity. It’s unpleasant for a number of reasons, the least of which being that it shocks us at unexpected times and makes our clothes bunch up in annoying ways. The good news is that the battle with static can be won if you find the right balance.

What Causes Static Electricity?

Think back to science class when you learned about atoms. Electrons are those subatomic particles that carry negative charges. When lots of them are in one place, we can feel the effects.

Static electricity builds up when there is not enough moisture in the air. Water in the air, otherwise known as humidity, helps electrons move more easily so that they don’t all get stuck in one place. Getting rid of static electricity means putting moisture into the air. In other words, make your house more humid.

It’s All About Balance

We know; it sounds crazy to say that you want to make your house more humid, especially in Biloxi. However, have you ever noticed that static is almost exclusively a winter problem? That’s because the air is less humid in the winter. The solution to this issue is moisture, just not too much.

The key to fixing this problem without creating another one is using humidifiers and dehumidifiers to get the right amount of moisture in the air. You want enough humidity to get rid of static but not so much that you create a small rainforest in your home. As always, it helps to ask experts, like the folks at Ball Heating & Air Conditioning, to get this done right.

Ask the Experts

Believe it or not, your air conditioner actually takes humidity out of the air, so you likely already have a built-in dehumidifier. Keeping it running strong with regular maintenance will solve half of your static problem. The other half will go away with the proper placement of one or more humidifiers that, is positioned at the best points based on the design of your home, will give those pesky electrons somewhere else to go.

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