At Ball Heating & Air Conditioning in Biloxi, MS, we understand the issues that air leaks in your home can cause. Air can seep into your walls from the outside and then escape through a variety of places. It can also come in through cracks around your doors and windows. This can cause your heating or cooling bills to go up and create uneven temperatures in your residence. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can identify air leaks.

Use Your Hand

Your hands are incredibly sensitive and can pick up larger air leaks in your home. On a cold day when your furnace is in operation, run your hand around the edges of windows and doors. Take the time to check any air vents. If you have a leak, you’ll be able to feel cold air seeping in.

Light a Candle

To find smaller leaks, use a candle instead of your hand. To perform this test, turn off your central air conditioning or heating. Place a candle near any spot where you might have a leak and see if it flickers. If it does, you have a small gap in your insulating barrier.

Have Professionals Perform Tests

Enlisting professionals to go over your entire home can allow you to catch any air leak. The technicians can depressurize your house by placing a blower fan in a door to the exterior. After some of the air has been removed from your home, they’ll go into each room. The technicians will check air ducts, ceilings, plumbing openings, cable inlets and other areas where there might be leakage. This is the most effective way to find air leaks in your residence.

A Trusted Company

For over 50 years, our locally owned and operated company has been proud to offer comprehensive heating and cooling services. We’ve been working in this area since 1964, and we have a team of NATE-certified technicians. Whether you need installation, repair, maintenance or testing, you can trust us to pay close attention to details. To learn more, call us at Ball Heating & Air Conditioning today.



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