Variations in weather patterns and humidity necessitate the need for an AC unit to help regulate the temperatures to more favorable states. However, like every other electric appliance, the unit can break down after a number of useful years or if not well serviced. A faulty unit makes life very unbearable, and this calls for a reliable AC maintenance/repair services contractor or technician to bring things back to normalcy.

Air Conditioners control the temperature and humidity of their surroundings by simply changing air properties to states that are more favorable. It is able to heat and cool depending on the state of humidity and is by far among the most standard household appliances today. We all want to come back to a cool and more comfortable home environment devoid of the stuffiness that comes with limited space.

Most of the problems that AC units develop can be avoided with proper preventive maintenance and routine ac service.

Here are some top tips AC system maintenance to guide you:

  1. Filter Maintenance
    Dust and other debris end up making the coils dirty, or make the blower motor develop some fault. This will show up in the form of a loud grinding sound from the AC unit (you may end up replacing the whole motor if you are not keen) and the reduction in energy efficiency (high electricity bills) if the faults become severe. Cleaning your AC filter by running water through it or just vacuuming it or changing the filters every two to four weeks of hot weather could just extend the unit’s useful life.
  2. Check for Leaks
    Check whether your air conditioning unit is leaking. With too much or too little water, your unit will stall and possibly break down. Be sure to check hose connections for leaks and that the condensate tube can drain without blockage.
  3. Attic Check
    If you have an attic, make sure that it is properly ventilated, and that any air vents within your home are free from obstruction by items such as dirt, furniture or carpet. If you don’t have shades or blinds, invest in some as they will keep your home cooler and reduce the amount of air conditioning you use.
  4. Unit Inspections
    When it comes to central heating maintenance, the most effective solution is to hire a professional to come and inspect your unit. Because they are experienced and licensed, they can provide you with the best solutions and can encounter problems before the first frost. One thing that you can do on your own is to test your heater before temperatures drop drastically. If no warm air comes on, call a professional right away. Also, be sure to check the pilot light if you have a natural gas system. If the flame is yellow or orange instead of a clear blue, then you may have a problem and should contact a service.

By noticing warning signs and following these tips, you can be able to get the best residential AC maintenance professional to come and perform routine maintenance checks. During their servicing visits, the professionals check up every part of the system, identifying little potential problems and other issues that will likely to crop up if not corrected early. By fixing them, you will be saved of any expensive repair bills that would have arisen if these issues had not been identified in good time.

Increased AC efficiency and extended useful life are just some of the other benefits gained from regular and well-scheduled AC maintenance. Ball Heating & Air Conditioning is the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s leading HVAC service. The company enjoys an unmatched reputation for affordable and quality service as well as excellent customer service through its demonstrated commitment to quality.

Remember that the most important thing after acquiring an AC unit is not the installation; it is how you take care of it. It does not mean that proper air conditioning installation is not vital, but overlooking the significance of routine maintenance could mean problems in future. Sign up for our blog for weekly informative articles to help you with a wide selection of air conditioner, heating information and how-to-guides. You will definitely enjoy our services.



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