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One of the latest trends in heating and cooling for your home is the heat pump. While this device has been around for some time, recent advances have made it a cost-effective solution for many homes. Learn more about heat pumps today and find out how you can enjoy year-round climate control in Mississippi. Call us for a free in-home estimate on a new heat pump for your home.

The basics of heat pumps

Heat pumps, like this one, are a perfect cooling and heating system for homes here in South MS.A heat pump looks like an air conditioner. It uses an exterior unit that operates as a condenser or evaporator and interior unit to control the temperatures in your home. These two components are connected by a small duct.

This compact system uses the same basic technology of an air conditioner or refrigerator to both cool and heat your home. Here are the basic parts of a heat pump:

  • Indoor unit
  • Outdoor unit
  • Duct
  • Expansion valve
  • Reversing valve

The outdoor unit has a compressor pump and heat exchanger coil. The indoor unit has an air filter, heat exchange coil to spread climate-controlled air throughout your home.

Refrigerant is used to absorb and reject heat as it circulates throughout the entire system. The last components of a heat pump are an expansion valve and a reversing valve. These are used to determine the flow of refrigerant.

At Ball Heating & Air Conditioning, we install heat pumps throughout Gulfport, Biloxi and the surrounding area. A professionally installed heat pump allows you to enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures all year.

How heat pumps heat your home

A heat pump heats your home by drawing in outside air and releasing the heat energy inside your home. This process is essentially the opposite of an air conditioner.

Even on cool days there is still heat energy in the air. The outside unit draws in air and works as an evaporator as the indoor heat exchange coil works as a condenser. Heat energy is absorbed, used to pressurize and heat up gas, and heats your home.

How heat pumps cool your home

The air conditioning feature of a heat pump uses the exact same technology as a heater. The only difference is that the process, and result, is reversed.

The indoor air is blown across the coils of the indoor heat exchange device. The refrigerant absorbs heat, which creates cool air. This process heats up the refrigerant, which must be circulated to the outside condenser.

The outside unit of a heat pump now acts as condenser. The heat of compressed refrigerant is dissipated outside. Once the heat is transferred, the refrigerant cools off and becomes a liquid once more.

The entire process keeps your home cool and comfortable on even the hottest days. While a heat pump uses electricity to cool and heat your home, the efficiency of the system means that you’ll typically pay less for a heat pump than a comparable electric air conditioner or heater.

Get a free in-home estimate on a new heat pump for your home

Now that you know the basics of how heat pumps work, consider whether you could benefit from one of these efficient systems in your home. Contact us today at Ball Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about heat pumps and receive an installation estimate for your home.