You may be content with your old air conditioner, but learning about the differences between old and newer models may change your opinion about sticking with it for much longer. Newer air conditioners provide many benefits over older models, particularly when it comes to your monthly energy costs. At Ball Heating & Air Conditioning, we give our customers in Biloxi, MS, the necessary advice to make the best choice for their home cooling needs. Let’s detail the ways in which new AC systems differ from older models.

Environmental Friendliness

Reducing our impact on the environment is important when making decisions about our everyday lives. One of the areas where we can make a difference is in our air conditioner. Newer units use R-410A refrigerant. This refrigerant will soon be the standard for all AC systems as the government is phasing out Freon, which has been used for decades and is considered harmful to the environment.

Energy Efficiency

Installing a new air conditioner also guarantees that you will be cooling your home with significantly greater energy efficiency. This not only helps the environment but also contributes to reducing your energy bill. The savings you can accrue can range from 10 to over 50 percent depending on the difference in SEER ratings between current air conditioners and the one you will be replacing it with.

Noise Levels

A side effect of upgrading your air conditioner is a much quieter device. Taking a midsummer’s nap can be much more enjoyable when your AC barely produces enough sound for you to know that it’s even on. Older models can be quite noisy, especially when turning on and off between cooling and resting phases of operation.

Increased Functionality

Have you ever wished you could turn on your air conditioner from the office or from your car so that you can find a cool home upon your return? With Wi-Fi functionality, this is one of the many different features that newer AC units offer. More importantly, a new AC can distribute cool air evenly throughout your home, giving you added comfort.

Speak With a Knowledgeable Professional

As you can see, the sooner you replace your old air conditioner, the sooner you can start enjoying the benefits of a state-of-the-art system. If you live in the Biloxi area, contact Ball Heating & Air Conditioning today to speak with one of our NATE-certified technicians. With over 50 years of experience, we offer quality services that include heating systems and maintenance for all your needs.



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