Who wouldn’t be ecstatic to lower their monthly energy bill? Fortunately, reducing your heating and cooling bill is easy to do with a few simple tricks. Our experts here at Ball Heating & Air Conditioning know the in’s and out’s of how to make your home as energy-efficient as possible. Take a look at our top three tips for lowering your home energy bills.

1. Window Treatments

Windows are a major source of heat loss during the winter. As your furnace works hard to warm your home during cold weather, frigid air seeps in from the outdoors. The harder your furnace works, the higher your energy bills will rise. The same is true for your AC during the summer months. To fix this, you may want to purchase ‘black-out’ curtains which have a thick plastic coating on the material’s interior that totally blocks out sunlight. This will keep the outdoor air outside where it belongs.

2. Programmable Thermostat

Chances are, you aren’t home all day, every day. Without a programmable thermostat, your furnace or AC will be running non-stop anyway. A programmable thermostat allows you to schedule your cooling system so that it runs during peak hours while you’re comfortably at home and relaxes when you’re gone. Even relaxing your heating and cooling system by a few degrees every day can have a huge impact on your energy bills.

3. HVAC Maintenance

When you perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system, it will run at peak efficiency and consume less energy. Without routine maintenance, daily wear and tear will take a toll on the system. As it works harder to maintain your desired temperature, it consumes more energy and raises your energy bills. Luckily, our trained HVAC technicians know exactly how to get your system back into top condition.

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