Finding ways to use your heating and cooling systems less is a great way to save energy. But how do you know which methods will truly save you money by using less energy? There are many heating myths floating around, and it can be difficult to discern fact from fiction. Ball Heating & Air Conditioning has spent years in the heating business, and we are happy to tell you the right ways to save energy on your heating system.

1. Extreme Thermostat Settings Raise the Temperature Faster

Many people believe that turning the thermostat up to a higher temperature will heat the house up faster. This is not true. It will take your unit the same amount of time to reach 75 degrees Fahrenheit whether you set the thermostat to 75 degrees or 80 degrees. You are much better off setting the thermostat to the desired temperature to avoid running the system longer than you need to.

2. Close Air Vents to Save Money

It is tempting to think that closing off the vents in rooms that are not being used will save you energy. However, this practice will not save you energy usage and may even actually harm your heating system. The air will continue to push through the ducts at the same rate, and the system depends on the intake of air from the vents as well as the outtake. This absence of airflow will make the system work harder.

3. Keep the Thermostat at a Constant Temperature

You may have heard that you need to keep the thermostat at the same temperature for each season. But the truth is that lowering and raising the thermostat for extended periods of time will save energy. Opportune times are while you are at work and while you are sleeping. A programmable thermostat is a great way to set different temperatures for different times of the day. Ball Heating & Air Conditioning can help you choose a programmable thermostat that will help you save energy.

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